About us


As parents to twins we have been enriched with a lot of drawings through the years, and we still do this day today. We have kept all the drawings, but they have often contributed with a bad conscience, when they were just added to the pile of drawings right after getting them. Our kids love to tell about their drawings. No matter what the drawing shows the pride is obvious when they talk about it.

The idea for First Drawing started when our daughter made a picture of her grandparents. We wanted to give them a personal Christmas gift, and this drawing was perfect. Unfortunately, the paper was a bit crumpled, and we wanted to give them something that could be displayed in their home and make them happy every time they looked at it. So we had a graphic designer to put colours to the drawing and add a few extra elements, while the elements from the original drawing stayed exactly as our daughter had made them. The result was amazing, and the grandparents were extremely happy.

At First Drawing we want to create this joy with more families. The kids’ master pieces are lovely memories, which should be displayed in a lot of homes. At the same time it gives the kids a lot of pride, and it can help them get a better self-image.