Terms & conditions

Terms of use

Please read these terms of use thoroughly, before you start using www.firstdrawing.com. To use the website it is demanded that you accept these terms of use.

We reserve the right to change the terms on an ongoing basis.

Product information:

You can read about the special features of the products and services on www.firstdrawing.com. If you need further information please direct your question to [email protected]


Changes in prices might happen, but once your order is confirmed, you will be invoiced the price on the order confirmation. All prices shown are included V.A.T.

From time to time there might be promotion codes as part of our sales promotion. These can only be used online, and only one code for each order.


To place an order you need to create an account. This is free of charge, but minimum age is 18.

The account is private, and you will be asked to choose a password that only you know. You can’t share this password with anyone else. If you experience some kind of damage or loss because of unauthorized access to your account due to the fact that you didn’t protect your password, you will have to cover the damage/loss yourself.

When you create the account you will also be asked to give your email address.

Your uploaded drawing and the final work done by the graphic designer will be kept in our database for 18 months from the day you submit the order. After 18 months the material will be deleted.

If you don’t log on to your account in 18 months, your account will be deactivated.

You transfer the drawing you want the designer to work with. It is important the drawing is JPEG-format.

Your drawing will never be published on the website without your approval.

Please make sure you also have your picture of the drawing saved somewhere else than in our database, as we can’t guarantee to keep your pictures indefinitely. We are not responsible for loss or deletion of your uploaded drawings or other content on your membership account.

Uploaded material:

You don’t have the right to upload material:
  • That is pornographic, indecent, inappropriate or offensive.
  • That encourages discrimination based on, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, nationality, handicaps, sexual preferences or age.
  • That can encourage hate or violence .
  • That relates to a criminal act.
  • That will violate a third party’s copyright, trademark or immaterial rights.
  • That is created against a legal obligation to a third party, e.g. obligations based on agreements or confidence.

You give First Drawing or a third party appointed by First Drawing permission to control all content on your account at any time and without warning. First Drawing can therefore at any time without any kind of compensation delete content or the account if it doesn’t comply with the terms of use.


You keep all immaterial rights including the copyright you have for the drawing you have uploaded on the website. First Drawing owns all immaterial rights to the website www.firstdrawing.com.

We reserve the right to show, change, transfer or distribute pictures you have uploaded to us to make sure we can deliver the services/products, we offer on the website.

For you to have the right to use the website and the services/products we offer, it is a condition that you have the copyright to the pictures you upload.

You don’t have the right to use the website (or any kind of material from the website) for other commercial purposes, which are not included in your deal with us.

We reserve the right to contact the police, the prosecuting authority or other enforcement of the law authorities, if it is brought to our attention that illegal stuff is going on in relation to our website.

Close account:

You can at any time close your account by contacting us via email – [email protected] You can be asked to document that you are the owner of the account that you wish to close. Your account will be closed as soon as possible after receiving your request.

When your account is closed, your uploaded documents will be deleted, and your password will no longer be valid.


When you order a product/service from www.firstdrawing.com you commit to the conditions specified under Terms of Use. The binding agreement becomes effective, when you receive an order confirmation, which means that you accept the offer.


Delivery time is appr. 10-12 working days from receiving the order confirmation. However, it f course depends on how many corrections you have for the drawing. Delivery to Europa will add DKK 50.00 to the invoice Delivery to other foreign countries will add DKK 90.00 to the invoice.


Your bank account details that will be collected, when you buy products/services from First Drawing, will be sent directly and secure to PBS via encryption (SSL), which is reserved you and PBS. This secures that unauthorized persons can’t see of save your personal information. When you place an order at www.firstdrawing.com payment will happen immediately.

Right of cancellation:

All services and products that are being ordered at www.firstdrawing.com belong to the group of goods that are excluded from the right of cancellation as they are being produced after the consumer’s specifications and thereby has a personal touch.

Therefore, when you place an order and have received an order confirmation the delivery has begun with your approval and confirmation that the right of cancellation stops.


When you place an order with www.firstdrawing.com you have the right to send a complaint for 24 months. The complaint and any claims concerning ordered goods must be sent to us no later than two months after you have discovered the defect. Products with a defect must be returned to us when you complain before we can pay any reimbursement. It is of course a condition that the complaint is legitimate and that the defect didn’t happen because of incorrect use of the product or any other kind of damaging behavior.

We will of course pay a reimbursement for your expenses when returning a product with a defect assuming the expense is fair. To be able to reimburse you we need to see the expenses documented with a receipt or similar. We only accept returning goods which are returned in safe packaging. The returning goods must be sent to First Drawing, Rønøs Alle 4, 4000 Roskilde. Please be aware that we don’t receive packages that are sent per collection on delivery or similar.

Exemption of liability and guarantee:

www.firstdrawing.com brings relevant information about other websites through links. These websites are not controlled by www.firstdrawing.com. Therefore, First Drawing cannot be made responsible for the content on these websites.

If the ordered products are delivered too late or with defects, and it is due to conditions within the buyer’s custody, that cannot be controlled by First Drawing, then First Drawing has no liability for damages. This could be fire, strikes, lockout etc.

Service of the website:

Without any notification we can change the layout and content of the www.firstdrawing.com including the portfolio of products and services.

We also have the right to close down the website without any notification.

Law and disputes:

The Terms of Use must be used and interpreted in accordance with Danish Law.

Disputes regarding the Terms of Use or the conditions for our products and services must be decided by the Danish court of law.

Information from EU regarding online dispute settlement can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Questions, Comments and Complaints:

You are at any time welcome to contact us via email: [email protected]

The website www.firstdrawing.com is run by the company:

First Drawing
Central Business Register number: 38205595
Phone: + 45 92 446 446
Address: Rønøs Alle 4, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark


First Drawing has the right to change and update the Terms of Use, which are relevant for this website. Therefore, please stay updated on potential changes.

Personal Information:

To place an order with First Drawing the following information is needed:
Phone number
Email address
We register this information with the purpose of being able to deliver the product or service to you.
Your information is being kept with First Drawing for 5 years, after which it will be deleted.
When we collect this information via our website, we make sure it only happens with your approval. You will know exactly what information we need, and why.
We don’t keep customer information encrypted
Vi transmitterer ikke kundeoplysninger krypteret.
We don’t transmit customer information encrypted
We don’t pass on or sell any customer information to a third party
We don’t register any personal customer information.
If you are registered with First Drawing, you can always object to the registration. You also have the right to see what kind of information we have registered about you. These rights are included in the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. Any questions related to this must be sent to [email protected]


Financial Institue Payment Service www.pbs.dk

Consumer Council www.fdih.dk / www.forbrugerraadet.dk

The National Consumer Agency of Denmark www.forbruger.dk

Consumer information www.forbrugerraadet.dk